Statement to the BIS regarding ISO/TC 300 SRF

With a letter to the Bulgarian institute for standardization about ISO/TC 300 Solid Recovered fuels (SRF), BACI welcomed the positive outcome from the voting by ISO/Technical Committee 300 and CEN/Technical Committee 343, Recovered fuels (SRF), to add the topic of Recycling Index in Co-processing as a new work item.

The work will be carried out in ISO/TC 300/Working Group 5 and is expected to take three years.

The work on the new work item Recycling Index in Co-processing will be done in ISO/TC 300/ Working Group 5 in parallel with CEN, with ISO guidance.

According to our information, the next meeting of CEN/TC 343 will take place by means of a web conference on May 7, 2020.

BACI states that the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization should be more active regarding this new item and urges BIS to commit itself more actively in the development of this standard. So far Bulgaria has voted for the development of the new standard, but has stated that it will not take an active part in the work.

The cement companies in BACI are members of the Environmental Protection Technical Committee of BIS (TC 15) and are ready to take an active part and support BIS in the development of the standard on the part of Bulgaria, if BIS would take on such a commitment. BACI too undertakes to render active assistance.

BIS was kindly requested to consider the possibility of nominating experts from the cement-making plants as representatives in the national standardization bodies and in the ISO and CEN technical committees regarding this new item and standard.

In our view, the involvement of experts from the cement industry in this project will ensure the necessary contribution for a viable and productive result.

In addition, this initiative is a serious step towards the recognition of co-processing as a recycling operation at the European and international level.