The Bulgarian Association of the Cement Industry (BACI) is a non-profit association. The objectives of the Association are:

• to protect and promote the common interests of the members of the Association;
• to cooperate for achieving the widest possible use of cement in as many fields as possible;
• to develop those production methods and technologies which shall contribute to a maximum environmental protection.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Association, in addition to other activities, shall :

• inform competent state authorities on the issues and problems in this sector and report, in compliance with the law, on other measures for improving the working conditions in the sector;
• observe the development, in general, of the trade and labour legislation, and promote its improvement through participation in discussion groups and proposals in line with the Bulgarian legislation;
• participate in other international cement Association and represent the sector in other scientific, professional or international organizations;
• develop, expand and improve the use of cement by research, training and providing advice;
• co-operate with such other sectors of Bulgarian industry which have common objectives with the cement industry.