Feedback from BACI and CEMBUREAU to the EU Taxonomy Regulation

With a letter to MoEW and MF, BACI, as a member of CEMBUREAU, again offered to their attention detailed comments and an up-to-date opinion, regarding a Commission Delegated Regulation Setting Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Technical Criteria (EU Taxonomy Regulation).

In particular, we emphasized in our position that in order to make the transition to a climate-neutral economy, all investments made as part of a company’s strategy for achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, which contribute to reaching the thresholds set in the EU Taxonomy, need to be recognized to the investors, whether public or private, as sustainable investments.

Furthermore, we noted that:

  1. The particularity of white cement should be recognized in the Delegated Act through a dedicated metric and threshold;
  2. The utilisation of CO2 should be recognized in the Delegated Act;
  3. The timing of implementation of the requirements regarding the EU Taxonomy should be more realistic.

In addition, we emphasized as well that the European cement industry supports the Commission’s decision in the draft Delegated Act not to designate the use of RDF in cement plants as harmful to the environment, as (1) it contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, (2) complies with the IED and (3) provides solutions for non-recyclable waste.

Attachment: Opinion, as per text.