BACI called on Ministry of economy for supporting the project definition

BACI called on Ministry of economy in its capacity as national representative of Bulgaria in the Strategic Forum for Projects of Common European Interest (the ‘Forum”, IPCEI), to focus its attention on the definition of projects and the narrowing of the value chains that can be qualified as Common European interest, askedthe ministry for support for the approval of the two value chains on which, works as a member of IPCEI, CEMBUREAU – the European Cement Industry Association, in which the Bulgarian Association of Cement Industry is a full member.

A lot of work has gone in defining projects and narrowing down the value chains that can qualify as of common European interest.

CEMBUREAU has been actively participating in the drafting process for two value chains:

  • Low carbon industrial processes and carbon capture and valorization techniques (SVC 10);
  • Net zero energy building construction and renovation (SVC 11).

As the voting for the selection of the final six value chains is coming up on 29thJanuary,BACI would very much appreciate if the ministry could endorse both above described projects.

As a sector, we are deeply involved in setting out our contribution to a low carbon economy and we do so by outlining steps and actions throughout our entire cement-concrete value chain.